After losing Mom To Obesity, Comedian Launches Campaign To Raise Funds For 100 Mile Ultrarunning Film

Los Angeles, CA (February 2015)Los Angeles-based actor and comedian, and self-proclaimed “chubby ginger vegan comedian and son-of-a-pig-farmer,” Jeffrey James Binney announced today that he will be launching a crowd-funded campaign, via, to raise money for his first film, Once Is Enough, documenting his grueling 100-mile ultra-marathon run in August.  

Binney is targeting to raise a total of $80,000 in support of Once Is Enough, a documentary-meets-stand-up comedy hybrid that follows his story to the finish line. Funds raised will go directly towards filming all milestones of the ultramarathon, as well as equipment, post-production, and even a crew-led 45-mile training run into, and out of, the Grand Canyon.

A film told by marrying two components, component one will chronicle Binney’s personal running journey to lose over 100 pounds on a vegan diet and take back control of his health, beginning in the wake of his mother’s death to obesity related heart disease 3 years ago. Component two, a joke-ridden stand-up special, will be delivered in hindsight after the completion of the 100 mile challenge.

“I can only hope that Once Is Enough will be a seamless juxtaposition of both components,” Binney said. “One that will have the audience in tears one minute and then rolling in the aisles the next.” 

Known as The Leadville 100, which covers over 100 miles of extreme terrain through the Colorado Rockies, from 9,200 feet to 12,600 feet, the extreme course is one of the world’s oldest and toughest ultra-marathons, with a mandatory completion time of sub 30 hours. In recent years, fewer than half the starters actually complete the race.

Now, with his training officially underway, Binney is encouraging the use of the hashtag #FindYourIncredible, in the hope that supporters will post their own goals on social media platforms. “After losing my mother to obesity caused heart disease I realized I wasn't taking advantage of being alive,” said Binney, “my goal in making this film is to inspire millions across the globe to use the time they have on this planet to do something incredible. My something incredible is getting healthy and running 100 miles. This film's goal is to inspire others to find their incredible.” 

For interview requests, additional information, or to contribute to the campaign, visit, and follow @JeffreyBinney on Instagram and Twitter.