Journey To 100: Week 2

This week started off with me taking the plunge.  The short shorts plunge.  We're talking really REALLY short shorts.  Like, 1.5 inch inseam short.  They're the Craft Men's Run Race shorts and they are the most insanely comfortable shorts I've ever had on my body.  But it took a bit of nerve to step out in public to show off these devastatingly pale legs. 

The most interesting thing I've noticed is that the "for real runners" are now much more likely to greet me on the trail.  Have I discovered the mark of a "for real runner?"  Short shorts?  Is that how you know somebody means bid'nass? Is my sporting these border-line inappropriate and indecent short shorts the key to earning trail cred? It sure seems that way. 

This week ended on a less humorous note.  During my post-50 miler break I dealt with some major sciatica caused by two herniated discs which I've been battling since college.  While they're almost always in check and not much of a nuisance, this week they were anything but.  My runs went relatively well until my 17 mile long run on Sunday.  At mile 10 all hell broke loose.

Herniated or bulging discs are a strange thing.  They cause very little pain in your actual back. But because of the pressure they put on your sciatic nerve they can render one or both of your legs completely useless in a snap. This was the case on my week 2 long run.  After ten incredible miles I hobbled the six grueling miles back to my Jeep trying to stifle the tears welling up since I'm a grown ass man and all.

I'm under the care of an excellent medical team and under the supervision of one of the world's best ultra running coaches.  They've put together an excellent plan to return me back to health. Although today was rough, my back issues have been steadily improving over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully this terrible no good very bad back pain day will be my last.